Its About Time

I Would Like to Share Something With You
February 10, 2013

Its About Time

I thought I’d better start writing this blog ( well I’ve only just worked it out,) First off all I would like to thank all of our customers, in your support last summer during the death of my father.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see some changes in this website, lots of more information, new coffees, a Christmas gift basket, yearly subscription, Facebook, newsletters with special offers, open days to our new Roasthouse, a You Tube Channel and finally more information about our working day and events that we take part in throughout  the south and south west, details to follow.

I would also like to announce, The Dorset No1 Blend (our most popular coffee ) won a Great Taste Gold Star Award, it was described as a ‘Solid Espresso’ and ‘Had a Thick Creama’, this award means a great deal to me, not just only for the award, it was the last time I had a conversation with my father when he said he was ‘proud of me, that means more.

Folllows us on Twitter @dorsetcoffee.

Thanks for reading my first blog, I will be back soon.


Nigel Green