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October 2, 2012
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May 21, 2013

I Would Like to Share Something With You

I bet you were more than awere MacMillan Cancer Support, held The Worlds Largest Coffee Morning last week,

Back in August we were approached by Katie O’ Connell, she sent an email that just read as if it came from the heart, It explained that her freind had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the thing that struck me was, her freind is the same age of my Sister in Law, who passed away back in 2002.

Katie’s Freind is 32 and has 2 young daugthers, Macmillan has been with her on each step, from diagnoisis, surgery and now Chemotherapy.

Two events were organised, the first was a coffee morning at Portesham Village Hall, the second was a Macmillan chop your locks off and pub quiz at the Swan Inn Abbotsbury, over £1000 was raised, this weekend Katie is taking part in the Bournemouth Half Marathon to raise even more funds.

The thing is, its not just the money, people need support, even if its a cup of Tea or Coffee, people like Katie do not just organise things, they really put themselves out to support thier friends.

We did our bit by giving coffee and the means to make it, but these events are about Katie, her freind and the support Macmillan and others give.

However I am puting an extra £50.00 towards this fund, will anyone match it ! , contact me on 01305 848414

For now Good Luck Katie and Good Luck to your freind, we are all here to support you.

Nigel and Christine Green