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February 10, 2013
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February 16, 2016

We Have Some News

Working away at the Roasthouse, I receive a call, its from Mark at Coffee Caprice, he’s a coffee wholesaler from Bournemouth, Mark placed his order and said, ‘by the way there is a lady from a catering firm that is looking for a coffee supplier’, I thought ‘not another get rich quick scheme’ (sorry Mark) any way, it turns out that this catering firm, Red Radish, are a firm that caters for media events all over Europe, this year they are catering for Hampton Court Palace, Silverstone and currently serving food at Cannes Film Festival, I’m sure you have heard of that.

This year they are using our coffee backstage for artists and crew at Glastonbury.

‘Yay’ I might get an autograph or two, or not. we are there for a month.

‘Do I have to grow a beard and my hair long !  I’m usually unshaven, so I hope that fits the bill.

My thanks to Wayne and crew at Red Radish.

By the way, regular visitors to the Roasthouse will often hear me complain about the roof, well my landlord has finally got round to fixing it, big thank you to Stewart, the old shed and pallets will be a distant memory too, proof in the picture, well the roof only

Must dash, I promise that I will put another blog up very soon.

Nigel Green


Ps to the person that emailed me about put the coma’s in the wrong place, sorry I prefer to keep things the way they are, but thank you anyway.