Well we have done it!

We Have Some News
May 21, 2013

Well we have done it!

Welcome to our new updated website, first thing you will notice, it has interactive software, basically it can tell the difference between an smartphone, tablet and a desktop.

I know it’s not new thing, however it’s new to us, we are Coffee Roasters and not computer experts, meaning we can turn the things on but not much else!

The other changes are our coffee menus; we have new range of gift baskets and soon other coffee supplies such as Flavour Syrups and Stove Pots.

Have you noticed our new logo, it’s a bit rough round the edges, like myself, (according to Christine)

The layout has changed to have more options to add and change your order.

Around April we will finally have Organic certification

The shopping cart can now be accessed at any time at the top of the page

The You Tube channel will be launched around March; this will feature small blogs following us at the Roast House, Food Shows and Music Festivals.

We discontinued the Green Coffee and have to increase the price of smaller single 250g packets, this is due to the Royal Mail increasing their price of postage last April, we held the price for the summer, but now have to pass this on.

All other prices have been kept the same.

There is also a new wholesale site that is being built, which will be launched in March 2015

We are aware some people do not like change, however I’m sure you will like this update, this has been long time in coming, changes in our business and changes in technology, have forced us to do this.

.If you need any help or advise just call us 01305 848414.

From Christine and Myself thank you for your continued support.